Curiosities about Some Natural Stones

26 Mar

Natural stones are usually a source of good energies. They are the most perfect and beautiful expression of the mineral world and one of the primordial energies and forces of our planet.

They are mostly used in Europe and Asia, natural stones have more and more fans all around the world.

Here are some examples and their meanings:


Pink Quartz: has a light pink hue (more luminous and shiny). The colour is generally due to a small amount of titanium impurities in the solid material and as such is rarely found in crystal form.

The stone is symbol of the Taurus sign. It is also the symbol of love. The specimens most appreciated by collectors are the almost transparent crystals


RUBI: is a red gemstone, a variety of corundum mineral (aluminium oxide) whose colour is caused mainly by the presence of chromium. Natural rubies are exceptionally rare. Rubies usually represent confidence, security and success, and are associated with positive actions. They also represent the birthdays of July (Crab).


Lazuli pencil: Lapis lazuli or lazulite is a metamorphic rock of blue color, opaque to translucent, composed especially of lazurite and calcite used as a gem.

It was the Spiritual Stone of the Pharaohs, is associated with the relief of headaches and migraines, the combat against depression, and has beneficial properties for the nervous and respiratory system.

It is associated with several signs such as Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius.



By: Nuno Gomes - Production Manager

Source: Wikipedia



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