Curiosities about Some Natural Stones 2

30 May

This week I bring to this space some data of another stone: The Emerald

 The Emerald is a variety of mineral Beryl, the noblest of the stones. Its green colour is due to the presence of minimal amounts of chromium and vanadium

 It is appreciated as a precious stone and the price per carat puts it among the most valuable stones in the world.

 It has a fairly high hardness between 7.5 and 8.0 in10 in the Mohs Scale, however this hardness can be greatly reduced depending on the number and size of the inclusions.

The main deposits of emeralds are Colombian, but can also be found in Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

It is transparent and opaque, but only the most precious varieties are transparent.

The etymology of the word "emerald" can come from two sources: from the Greek: "Smaragdos", or from the ancient Hindu "Green Stone".

It is also a rare name but used in Portugal.


Source: Emerald & Other Beryls, Geoscience Press,

By: Nuno Gomes - Production Manager

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