Limestone is the new black


31 May

Stone is one of the oldest building material. Simultaneously, it is also one of the newest and most innovative. We believe there’s a case to be made by saying stone is the new black. It fits most modern projects and adapts very well to every design style.

Limestone is being choosen for some of the most impressive and original projects. Below, we will list 5 of our all time favorites. 


The Barnes Foundation - Philadelphia, USA


The Barnes Foundation facade is one of the best examples of stone conferring a tone of modernity. This straight lines shine in this urban context and the huge lightbox contrasts with the golden hue of the limestone. This art gallery is perfect combination of old and new.  And a perfect exemple of the United States rediscovering limestone as a legacy building material.


Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom


This museum is Liverpool’s statement to become a world cultural hub. And the city chose one of the most worldly materials to build its facade. You named it. Limestone. The wedge-shaped pieces and the 3D-pattern, along with the scratch finish, enhance the play of light and shadow on the stone.


Valleta City Gate - Valleta, Malta


Malta is a case study when it comes to limestone. It’s the home of Hagar Qim, one of the most ancient religious buildings in the world, dating back to 3000 B.C. Across the centuries, Maltese societies relied on their limestone to build their cities. And they have done so until today, with ever more skill and originality. Look at the renewed City Gate, home to the national parliament, an open-air amphitheater and one of the most touristy entrances to this mediterranean city.


MAAT - Lisbon, Portugal


The wave-shaped building, designed to integrate and blend with the waterfront landscape. The museum is meant to create new spaces and routes for the public, who are able to walk on, under and through the building. The portuguese limestone stairs are the perfect adition to the ceramic tiles of the facade, perpetuating the alongated shape and being the natural choice for public spaces. 


King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


KAPSARC is one of the smartest building examples. The hexagon shape is meant to save materials, the north and west orientation means sun to light and wind to cool down the building and the name of the center speaks for itself: this project has a green heart. And the limestone details mantain this sustainable trend in this building, designed to host the most advanced green fuel technologies and solutions.


We at MVC - Portuguese Limestones are used to deal with the most complex contemporary architecture projects. We are proud to have provided stone for the MAAT museum and Kapsarc




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