MVC for a greener and more sustainable future


23 Apr

MVC Portuguese Limestones reinforces its commitment to sustainability by expanding its solar energy capabilities. With the increase in solar panel equipment, the company has increased its photovoltaic power to 832 kWh. This eco-friendly initiative is aligned with the company's efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. The solar panels have been strategically installed in three key locations of the company: at the factory 1, in factorty 2, and at one of its quarries. In the factory 1, the solar panels are already powering 45% of production functions,


while in factory 2, energy from the panels represents 20%, and in the quarry, almost 95% of energy consumption.


Thanks to these sustainable measures, MVC Portuguese Limestones has been reducing its carbon intensity year after year. Currently, the company has achieved an impressive annual reduction of 126 tons of CO2.


This remarkable progress highlights the company's commitment to contributing to a greener and more sustainable future and shows that it is possible to achieve business success while protecting the environment.



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