Primeira Pedra project distinguished by the European Commission


20 Sep

The "Primeira Pedra" project, which brings together industry and design in the development of more than 80 applications of Portuguese natural stone that enhance its quality, durability, versatility and chromatic elegance, reinforcing Portugal's international image, was awarded the 1st national prize in the category "Support to the internationalization of companies" of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA), an initiative of the European Commission.

This project is the result of a partnership between the Portuguese private, non-profit association, founded in 1964, which represents the mineral resources industry in Portugal, ASSIMAGRA, Experimenta Design and the Municipality of Porto de Mós.

"Primeira Pedra" is a project that combines design, innovation and quality with existing skills in the natural stone sector to strengthen the value of Portuguese stone and the industry that it adds to the most competitive levels of the international market, reinforcing Portugal's international image.



Image: "Muros de Luz", by Studio MK27, produced by MVC. Photography by Joana Morais.


Alexandre Vieira, geological engineer

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