Stone mask more than 9,000 years old

27 Feb

The Israeli Archaeological Authority presented Wednesday, November 28, 2018 in Jerusalem a rare stone mask about nine thousand years old and associated with the development of ancestor worship coinciding with the sedentarization of men.

The mask, dating back to the beginning of the Neolithic (New Stone Age), was discovered by a walker, said archeologist of the Authority, Ronit Lupu. The Israeli authorities were informed in early 2018 of the existence of the mask and went back to the inventor, who gave it to them, she said. The mask, cut in a limestone with pink and yellow hues carefully worked and polished, "is very naturalistic clothing, you see the cheeks, the nose is perfectly restored," said Ms. Lupu. Orifices have been created for the eyes and teeth appear in the mouth. "It's a rare mask, the latest one was discovered 35 years ago (...) But what is special is that we know where it comes from, we know the archaeological context, "said Ms. Lupu The period saw a spectacular development of rituals of a spiritual and ancestral nature, attested by the discovery of figurines of human form, skulls covered with plaster, and masks of stone, said Omry Barzilai, a researcher cited in a statement from the Authority. Ms. Lupu, questioned by AFP, kept no details about the identity of the discoverer of the mask.


By: Sciences et Avenir avec AFP


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