The Journey of the Portuguese Limestone inside MVC


12 Apr

Our limestone extraction originates from the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros area, where MVC relies on dedicated employees for the extraction and cutting of stone from our quarries in block form.

Upon arrival at the factory, they are directed to the cutting process. Depending on customer specifications and block characteristics, they may be sent to different transformation processes.

The cutting performed in our machines can be done in various sizes to ensure flexibility for our customers. After this procedure, the block is divided into slabs, which are then cut into "Cut to Size" pieces by our CNCs.


Next, our factory has several finishing lines, which vary according to the type of stone. These finishes include bush-hammered, honed, polished, flamed, among others. The versatility of these finishes allows for the customization of all types of stone, depending on their inherent specifications and the aesthetic result desired by the customer.

In the single-wire CNC, the process varies due to the flexibility of cutting, which includes the function of curved cutting, increasing precision, and distinguishing it from other cutting machines.


In the CNC machines, the stone can arrive in different cutting forms, allowing the creation of unique pieces. Despite the remarkable capabilities of our machines, we also value the human touch. Therefore, we rely on our employees who provide finishes and details that CNC cannot achieve, ensuring a level of attention to detail that distinguishes our products.


Finally, the limestone is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transportation.

At each stage of our process, from extraction to finishing touches, we prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each piece we produce reflects the beauty and durability that our customers expect and deserve.

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