The Portuguese Stone Brand

20 May

The StonePT mark of certification intends to fulfil an existent void in natural stone market in what concerns the extraction locations and quality assurance associated to the transformation processes and, not less important, to the adequacy of use that each type of stone has for different applications, particularly those employed in the construction sector.
The companies certified with StonePT demonstrate to accomplish the requirements based in three main pillars: origin of stone, skills to transform and control the final product, and knowledge related to the adequacy of use for each type of stone in each application (requirements for the end-user).

Some of the limestone varieties in the MVC catalog are certified under the StonePT - "Certified" sub-brand since January 2017. Companies with this certification have to comply with a set of requirements that go through the control of the stone origin, production control and the knowledge regarding the suitability of the use of each type of stone, being audited periodically by an independent certification body


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