The white veins of Pietra Piasentina throughout the house.


15 Feb

The limestone matches the color of the wood and the modern kitchen furniture. 

For the modernization of this holiday home in Germany, at the northern end of the Alps, the owner and interior designer chose Pietra Piasentina, from the Italian region of Fiaul, at the southern end of the mountains.

The limestone is characterized by great hardness and gray color with reddish marbling and with distinct white streaks. In this regard, it goes well with wood, which in the area is used as a material in all interior decoration, and also with modern kitchen furniture.

The bathrooms in the house with several holiday apartments have the stone on both the floor and the walls. The highlights of interior design and natural stone processing are the veins of the stone, composed in the form of an open book.


Posted by : Carlos Duarte ( Production Manager)


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