Promotion December 2019

Every month MVC- Mármores de Alcobaça has at its disposal a promotional campaign for Portuguese Limestone that we have in Stock in our Warehouse through an Updatable list of our material where it refers:

the Warehouse where it is inserted;

our internal Reference;

- the Stone type (Stone name, Finish and Sizes);

the Quantity in M2/SQM;

- Example-Photos or links that will direct to one existent example-photo in our website;

Note 1: Quantity(ies) required subject to confirmation. 

Note 2: Minimum quantity = 1 Crate/Volume.

Promotional Price: 7,5 €/M2

Monthly we will always have new materials in the campaign. 

We wait for you!


Promotion December 2019 List: Promoção Dezembro 2019.pdf



The MVC Team,