5 reasons why you should choose Portuguese limestone


24 May

Limestone is an age-old material. Evidence of its usage go back to the Ancient Egypt and even further back in time. However, that doesn’t make it a stale, démodé material. Quite the contrary, actually. Natural stone, most notably limestone, is one of the most innovative building materials, with wide ranging applications. Here’s the 5 reasons you should choose Portuguese limestone for your projects in 2022.


Stone lasts a lifetime

There’s a reason the Giza Pyramids and the Coliseum of Rome are still standing. Well, there’s probably more than one. But one of them is that they were built with limestone. Natural stone can outlast most materials and can even last for generations. Some stone can actually age and show tonality changes across the decades. It’s also why it’s so unique.


Each stone is unique

Natural stone is shaped by nature for millennia. A process this complex and long does not conform to patterns. Thus, each stone is unique. Using Portuguese limestone in your home or office means having something no one else in the world has. Veins and grains vary, even among the same type of stone. Notice the uniqueness of these two plates from the same Atlantic Blue stone: Atlantic Blue C2 and Atlantic Blue C3.


Sustainable material

Even though quarrying and processing the stone may have more upfront environmental costs than other materials, its extraordinary longevity will eventually dilute these costs and make limestone the most sustainable material for a variety of applications. Don't believe it? There are guarantees that Portuguese limestone can remain in great condition up to 100 years after installation.


A stone for each design style

RosalCodaçalMoleanos or Moca Creme. These are only 4 of the 24 different stones that MVC has available. Some are more porous than others. Some lighter, others darker. Whites, beiges, and grays. But all maintain their quality and each one reserves a specific potential for each use. There are also 12 different types of finish. All together, there are 228 different combinations. Take your pick. 



Portuguese Limestone has many different applications: exterior cladding, flooring or interior walls. Alpinina to make an imposing lobby, Vidraço Ataíja Azul for a modern and timeless facade or Calcário Real for a luxurious and refined interior. 


If you want to know more about our portuguese limestone collection, browse our catalogue or visit us and discover our showroom.

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