The Company

MVC - Portuguese Limestones, is based in the extraction centre of limestones in Portugal, having 9 quarries, and dedicates its activity to the transformation of limestones such as "Vidraço Moleanos", "Moca Creme", "Calcário dos Candeeiros", "Rosal", "Codaçal", "Gascogne Blue/Beje/MIX", "Vidraço Ataíja Azul", "Lioz Abancado", “Atlantic Blue”, amongst others.

Our main products are Tiles in standard sizes and thickness, Slabs and Cut to Size with various types of finishing.

The company is equipped with the latest technology in the transformation of ornamental stones. It is also associated with extraction companies, which gives it a high productive capacity and a rigorous control of production. This helps to answer, in quantity and in quality, all the exigencies of the national and international markets.

It is present in diverse expositions of international reputation since has one years to this part. The presences in expositions in the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Central America and Europe are examples.
Fruit of this permanent investment, we export to the five continents

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