English sculptor Ben Russell creates cactus, fungi and roots from natural stone


16 Nov

Unusual objects of nature was the theme chosen by Ben Russell for his stone sculptures: they are cactus, fungi and roots, sometimes in the shape of potted plants and sometimes as pieces even weighing half a ton.

As materials, it uses alabaster, travertine, onyx, Italian marble and English Portland limestone. These materials offer you many possibilities to design the surfaces of your objects in such a way that they sometimes literally shine in the sunlight.

When you have a rough stone block in front of you, your goal is not to sculpt an object according to your ideas. Instead, the work develops as soon as it starts: "I often change my mind during this process and the work can differ a lot from the idea I started with," he writes on his homepage.

Ben Russel grew up in the English county of Dorsett. There you inevitably live in the midst of stone and vegetation: a large stretch of coastline along the English Channel that has been declared a World Heritage Site because of its geological peculiarities








Source: https://www.stone-ideas.com/81994/sculptor-ben-russell-cacti-fungi-roots/ 


Published by : Carlos Duarte (Prodution Manager)


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