Feel what Portuguese Limestone looks like


5 Jul

It’s never been easier to feel Portuguese Limestone. Literally. You can now have 16 of the most common Portuguese Limestones and the most sought-after we provide right in your hand. And all because we have just published our Stone Book.

MVC - Portuguese Limestones’ Stone Book is the optimal tool for architects to feel Portuguese Limestone and help them source stones for projects and meet clients’ expectations. 

Inside the book you can browse through samples of Codaçal Dunas, Codaçal Real, Calcário Candeeiros, Rosal, Moca Créme, Créme Mós, Gascogne Beje, Calcário Jurassic, Vidraço Moleanos, São Raphael, Ataíja Azul, Atlantic Blue, Ataíja Mix, Figueiras Mix, Alpinina and Lioz.

You can request a copy of our Stone Book free of charge. Click here if you’d like to feature our Stone Book in your office or write an e-mail to marketing@mvc.pt

The Stone Book represents our identity, rooted in generations upon generations of stone cutting and extraction tradition while showcasing the best of what we can offer our clients. 

We source stone ethically and sensibly in our nine quarries, deep within Portugal’s limestone country.


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