Limestone will last you forever


26 Jul

It is said that diamonds are forever. The same can be said for limestone. It will last you forever. In natural conditions, Limestone erodes at a rate of about one-twentieth of a centimeter every 100 years. To make that more palpable you would need to watch a block of just 2 meters for 400 thousand years to see it dissolve. You would need to be extremely patient, though.

Each kind of limestone has its best applications, but if used well, you can expect any tile, cladding or pavement to outlast pretty much everyone you know. Again, limestone will last you forever. 

One of the best benefits of using portuguese limestone is that it can hold up pretty much any weather if you source the right stone. It can withstand harsher climates and cool down hot weather. 

Limestone usage has been dated as back as 10.000 years ago. There are known temples in modern-day Turkey and Malta that are around 7.000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. And now that we’re talking about pyramids, you guessed it, the Giza Pyramids are made with limestone. They have since lost most of their glow but for a 4 thousand-year building we’d say they hold up pretty well. 

We believe there is enough ground to say portuguese limestone is rock solid! Browse through our stone collection and discover beautiful ever-lasting stone for your projects.


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