Pinnacle Awards 2019 from the Natural Stone Institute

26 May

The lobby of Arizona State University’s Washington Center is adorned with desert sandstone worked with CNC-cuts and sandblasting.


Whoever visits the US state of Arizona knows what to expect outside the air-conditioned areas in the offices and apartments: there is desert heat, and in the hinterland there are the famous sandstone gorges carved to sculptures by that wind and torrential rain. On the other hand, if you visit the new building of the Arizona State University in the federal capital Washington D.C., the unexpected awaits you: in the lobby of the venerable building the striking landscape of the US state is reproduced on 2 walls.

This was not done in the form of a replica of the magnificent gorges as true to the original as possible, but as an abstract interpretation in natural stone, which nevertheless allows beholders to recognize the original.

The building is the Barbara Barrett & Sandra Day O’Connor Washington Center, with which Arizona State University (ASU) situated in the federal capital, and which has become a new focal point. The 8-story building, just 2 blocks or about a 10-minute walk from the White House, displays the neo-classical style of the 1910s, was initially used for apartments, later for offices, and has recently undergone a fundamental transformation to meet the needs of the university.

From there, the university now lobbies on its own behalf and reaches out to the world of politics and business for its students.

A special entrance area was needed for the building, with which the university would say as much about itself as possible, albeit with diplomatic restraint.

The 2 walls on the ground floor have achieved this: they leave no doubt that ASU is also committed to its home in the capital, paying homage to both in style.

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Pedro Traquina: Sales Manager

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