Sculpture Rocks


7 Jun

‘Sculpture Rocks’ an exhibition of 18 Japanese sculptures is open until June 3, 2021, at Campbells Cove, The Rocks in Sydney, Australia.

Set against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour, the exhibition will take place on Circular Quay waterfront between the Overseas Passenger Terminal, along Campbells Cove and ends at the Hickson Road reserve near the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Artists hail from Japan and Australia, including some who moved to Australia due to the vibrant sculpture scene fueled by Sculpture by the Sea.

Sculpture by the Sea's founding director, David Handley, said: “Japanese sculpture is very popular in Australia. It is with great pleasure that we present this exhibition of the main works of art by Japanese sculptors.

“Many of the sculptures in the exhibition are made of stone, each of these thoughtful and practical works of art derives directly from the ancient stone gardens of Japan. This connection with Japanese cultural traditions is a special feature of many Japanese sculptors. In addition, we are pleased to present kinetic and abstract sculptures to provide a cross-section of Japanese sculpture today. ”

Covid 19 made a big impact on the arts and culture industry last year. This partnership between Place Management NSW and the Ports Authority NSW aims to support the return of arts and cultural events back to the Sydney calendar. Bringing “Sculpture Rocks” to The Rocks venue is a great opportunity to extend the incredible breadth of art in the area and bring some of the magic of Sea Sculpture to our CBD.

We look forward to a successful exhibition and future opportunities to collaborate and celebrate this important cultural exchange

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