By the Trails of Portugal, Rota do Calcário, Cantanhede

22 Jun

In Cantanhede there is an itinerary that was born inspired by the massive limestone explorations in the area and takes hikers on a journey through the history of the extraction of this mineral.

The Calcário Route has a circular orientation and extends for almost 10 kilometers. Participants can count on support signs since their departure in the parish of Ançã.

The route aims to testify the importance that the exploration of the limestone had in the local economy and also intends to demonstrate in how the explorations contributed to the current frame of the rural landscape of this area. This route was developed by the municipality in conjunction with the Museu da Pedra.

The route is made through rural paths, where the landscapes of the forest are sometimes interrupted by imposing rock formations from which limestone was once extracted. The trail also stands out for its ease and allows for relaxing walks while treading the past of the mining villages.


Source: DESCLA

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