The chaise longue “Vellum” by Sa.Ge.Van Marmi and the designer Natascia Bascherini goes to the limit of what is possible with marble

15 Jun

The seat thickness is 4 cm and is only supported on the sides.
In total, the sunbed weighs 300 kg and the maximum load capacity is 240 kg.

The stone is not resinous and does not have a reinforcement net or similar at the bottom.
The marble is Statuario di Carrara and the support structure is made of iron. The floor is teak and the dimensions are 176 x 78 x 70 cm.

This extraordinary piece of furniture is delivered completely assembled in one piece.

The designer was inspired by veils, as they were used in ancient times. It is a “sculptural design”, says the designer and adds the style of Sa.Ge.Van: “In our works, we always try to give marble a visual sensation of lightness and smoothness, constant privileges of classic works of art, returned through curtains and definition of details ”.





Published by : Carlos Duarte (Prodution Manager)

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