Do you know how long it took Miguel Ângelo to make the statue of “David”?


17 May

The David statue was made from an abandoned marble block. The stone belonged to the sculptor Duccio, who died before he started working on it. As it was imperfect, it was despised by two famous artists of the time: Agostino di Duccio and Antonio Rosellino.

The sculpture is 5.17 meters high and weighs 5.5 tons, and it took Miguel Ângelo three years to make the piece commissioned by the government of Florence, which wanted it as a symbol of the city's power and freedom.

David was installed in front of the Signoria palace in Florence and was officially presented to the public on September 8, 1504. A commission that included Leonardo Da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli chose the place where he would be placed.

The sculpture reads “As David defended his people, so whoever governs Florence must just defend and govern it justly”.


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