"First geological map of the Moon"

9 Jun

"A team of scientists has released the most detailed map of the Moon on record. It is a unified construction, based on six different versions that already exist, and which aims to portray the geology in detail and precision, in a dynamic way. of the Moon and its different phases of evolution.

A team from the US Geologic Survey combined information from six topographic maps of the Moon to launch a 3D version that is considered the most detailed so far and where we see the different geological eras color-coded. "


Source: https://visao.sapo.pt/exameinformatica/noticias-ei/ciencia-ei/2020-04-24-investigadores-criam-o-mapa-geologico-da-lua-mais-detalhado-ate-a-data/


By: Ricardo Rebelo, commercial

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