"Important for the natural stone sector in the EU"


3 May

"The Commission in Brussels asks interested parties to submit their assessments on the planned Geographical Indication Protection


Such protection would prohibit the import of stone products under false names / Deadline is July 22, 2021

The topic is enormously important for the natural stone sector, and now there is a new chance to push it forward in its own sense: the European Commission has called on all companies, associations, or private individuals to give their opinion on the planned EU-wide Geographical Indication Protection (GI) system for non-agricultural products.

If there were such protection, natural stones with false names (e.g. an alleged Carrara marble, which in reality comes from China or Turkey) would no longer be allowed to be brought into the EU and sold there under that name."

To check full information please go to https://www.stone-ideas.com/85951/eu-geographical-indication-protection/


Source: https://www.stone-ideas.com/85951/eu-geographical-indication-protection/

By: Ricardo Rebelo, commercial

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