"Mining and Metals: Why collaboration will be key to creating the workforce of the future"


5 Jan

"Before COVID-19, new technology was already disrupting the labour market but the pandemic has expedited these developments, in particular remote working and a greater reliance on technology.

The mining and metals sector has not been exempt from these changes. Whilst the potential benefits of technology to the sector – improved productivity, safety and environmental management – are considerable, so are the impact of these new ways of working on the sector’s workforce and the communities in which it operates. It is clear that significant investment in skills will be necessary to navigate these disruptions and adapt to the changing nature of work."


To check the full article and source visit: https://stonenews.eu/mining-and-metals-why-collaboration-will-be-key-to-creating-the-workforce-of-the-future/


By Ricardo Rebelo,  commercial

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