MVC's showroom 6 hidden gems


9 Jun

Over the years our showroom grew bigger. It grew in size, capacity and, most notably, in unique, remarkable pieces. Here are 8 of the hidden gems one can wander through, discover and admire in MVC - Portuguese Limestones' collection of CNC works.


This magnificent helenic statue is the center piece of the showroom for a reason. It's stunning shapes and design style reminds us of true greek statues. It's an ode to stonework.


Next up we have a very well known figure. This two-dimensional portrait is a good example of how well stone can show depth and contrast.



Yet another two great examples of limestone artwork. Notice the shapes and depth of the former and the contrast richness in a single slab in the latter picture.


Our CNC machines, operators and artists also enjoy a more contemporary style. This piece would star in any modern building lobby. Do you agree?


We'll finish like we started: greek statue style. This one is another test of our CNC machines abilities. Not quite as smooth as the first statute but still reminiscent of how far computerized machines technology has come.

Speaking of that, these work is a true testament of our cutting edge technology machines and most qualified operators. MVC - Portuguese Limestones owns 5 CNC machines and is able to tackle any challenge our clients throw at us.

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