Why limestone is one of the greenest building materials


14 Jun

Natural stone is… well, natural. So it’s only natural that it is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available. And limestone is, by definition, one of the healthiest choices for the eco-conscious builders. 

Limestone is durable, easy to apply, doesn’t require chemical-intensive processing techniques, is easily cleaned and can withstand normal wear and tear for decades with low maintenance.

Another “green” point for natural stone is that in some cases it can be expected to be processed reasonably near the quarries. MVC - Portuguese Limestone’s blocks travel less than 10 kilometers from the quarry to our mill. 

Stone quarrying can be disruptive to local landscape and ecology. However, MVC - Portuguese Limestones has several policies in place regarding full replanting and re-landscaping plans to reinstate the original ecology of any quarry site, as per the Portuguese law and European Union’s highest standards. We will cover those projects in the next few weeks in another blogpost. Stay tuned to learn how we give back to the environment and have the least impact possible.

MVC - Portuguese Limestones prides itself on promoting the best practices regarding the environment, as the “respect for stone” is deeply rooted within our DNA. Masons have been cutting stone for several generations in the vicinity from where we are extracting today. 

Join us in this quest for sustoneability.

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