Swedish Natural Stone Award 2021


17 Jan

The Swedish Natural Stone Award 2021 went to the copy of the medieval window rose window in Linköping Cathedral with around 300 hours of work on a CNC machine.

The work of the restorers was the focus of the Swedish Natural Stone Prize in 2021: the prize was, as usual, for “aesthetics, sustainability and innovation” in the handling of natural stone and was awarded to the Diocese of Linköping for the conservation of the cathedral of city, which is the largest stone church in the country. Linköping is located practically in the middle of Sweden.

The award was given in recognition of efforts made over many years to preserve or restore the substance of the 12th-century building. As a symbol, the jury awarded a prize to the replica of a 13th century rose window. For the stone work, the stonework company Borghamns Stenföradling used a CNC-controlled machine.

The original Rose window now hangs on the wall inside the church behind the altar.

The original limestone was no longer available. So the stonemasons turned to Borghamn limestone, which is mined nearby and had already been supplied with this material for restorations in the Göta Canal, the Alvastra Monastery and the Karlsborg Fortress.

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