Works of art that recall the applause people gave to health professionals, among others, in the fight against the pandemic


19 Jul

Flashback: about 14 months ago, when the first Covid-19 terror reports hit Europe, followed shortly thereafter by reports from Italy that, in response to the blockade, people were on balconies at night singing and making music together , from a distance. The idea quickly found imitators across the continent, and then there was a new phase, when citizens applauded hospital staff from their balconies at night for tackling the dangerous virus without being vaccinated themselves.

In Spain, the regional government of Andalusia has now launched an initiative to celebrate the cohesion of the population at the time: sculptures with clapping hands are being erected in 8 provincial towns.

The works were once again carried out in an act of public spirit: the idea came from the regional government, the sculpture was created free of charge by the sculptor Navarro Arteaga, and both the material and production came - also free - from companies of the natural stone association AEMA (Asociación de Empresarios del Marmól de Andalucia). The material is the native white marble Blanco Macael.

The applauding hands are almost 6 feet tall. Its shape contains a lot of symbolism: together they form an “A”, the first letter of Andalusia, and point to the sky. However, his expression is not one of asking for help, but - rather or also - of self-confidence, for what has been achieved.




Published by : Carlos Duarte (Production Manager)

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