18 Jun

Limex is a new material made of limestone that can be used in paper substitutes and plastic products.
Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, a businessman who had already established several businesses in his youth, learned of the technology to produce paper in stone in 2008. At the time, it was not widely used due to the weight and uneven quality of the paper. Yamasaki was attracted by the potential of this material, made with limestone, a globally abundant resource.
Limex paper outperforms normal paper in water repellent quality and resistance to aging deterioration. Yamasaki recalls: "We received many positive responses based on the perspective of environmental impact, and this reaffirmed my belief in the potential of the material."
Limex is produced by mixing fine powder limestone and polyolefin resin, while adding heat. The company received a Japanese patent for its production method in January 2014, its international patent applications were either approved or awaiting approval in 43 countries.


Pedro Carreira, Sales manager

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